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Putting the Pieces Together

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Although many of us make resolutions to eat better, improve fitness, and lose weight, according to surveys, only 35% follow through!

Why is this?

Could it be information overload? A quick web-search results in 3.9 BILLION hits for "eat healthy" and 4.6 BILLION for "exercise"!!

We get it. We understand how confusing, frustrating, and difficult it can be to put a plan in place that guarantees sustainable success.

For over 20 years, we've walked our own journeys including formal academic degrees, independent investigations, and personal experience.

We've fought the scale, the poor performance times/scores, the naysayers, the health issues, injuries, and the many stressful situations life hands us.

We've "been there, done that" so you don't have to. We know what works and what it takes to get there. We have succeeded and continue getting better, along with thousands of other clients we've had the privilege to work with over the years. There is hope!

To be successful, we've simplified the process into 7 small steps for big changes to look, live, and feel better.

#1 - Create

#2 - Plan

#3 - Engage

#4 - Do

#5 - Evaluate

#6 - Adjust

#7 - Repeat


When I plan a trip, the first thing I need to know is the destination. Once I map out the destination, I can design the proper travel route, rest stops, total budget, and how long it'll take to get there. While losing 20 pounds is AWESOME!!!, how does that change your life? Why is losing 20 pounds important to you? What if you only lost 14 pounds? Would you still be (or feel) successful?

Once we understand what success looks like, we then decide WHEN you’re going to exercise, WHERE it will be, WHAT you will eat and HOW you will implement exercise and good meals into your schedule. Our coaches will upload each phase of your plan directly into your personal calendar so you can see each day including your workout (along with a video demonstration of each exercise), your nutrition plan, healthy habits, and other daily reminders important to you as discussed with your coach.

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail" – Benjamin Franklin


Thousands of success stories have taught us that the most successful people are those that surround themselves with others on the same journey as themselves. To benefit the most, we challenge each other to give and receive support by encouraging and motivating others on the same journey as ourselves (no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time.) The RipGen community is a supportive, drama-free zone as we celebrate each other's successes and offer creative ideas to get unstuck when life gets tough

"Choose to focus your time, energy, and conversation around people who inspire you, support you, and help you to grow into your happiest, strongest, and wisest self.” – Karen Salmansohn


You can have the best, most precise plan to achieve ultimate success and the greatest support system imaginable, but nothing will change if we don’t act on it. After you design your plan and begin engaging in our community, resolve yourself to work on the plan, no matter what distraction may come up. Simply mark off your tasks each day, discuss with your coach when things don't go as scheduled, and watch yourself transform.

"Now you know. And knowing is half the battle" – G.I. Joe (Yes, I just quoted a cartoon).


Putting the pieces together

Once we make a decision to make a change, it's easy to get overwhelmed. That's why we strive to keep it simple, fun, and effective to look, live, and feel better.

First, we create what success is to us then lay out a plan based on our goals. Next, we surround ourselves and engage with those who truly support us. Then, we do matter what distractions come our way.

All we have left then is to evaluate our progress, adjust according to life circumstances and repeat the process.

That's it. Your borders have now been established! Simple, right?

We're excited to take this journey with you!

Still have questions? We invite you to attend:

"The Missing Link" nutrition seminar to

Unlock the secrets of willpower, fat loss, and strength

We invite you to engage below and share your best tips on how you plan and do during your journey!

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