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Meet Your Coach


Bob Fratena, MS

Trainer | Educator | Coach

Early in my career, I recognized that personal health is the greatest predictor of a fulfilled life. 

With my passion to serve, love of exercise, and knowledge of human physiology, I choose exercise, nutrition, and health promotion as my vehicle to influence the greatest change.


Over the years, I’ve developed numerous wellness programs, taught hundreds of students and guided thousands of people in achieving their goals.

I've spent over two decades in the health and fitness field, including as a personal trainer, health/nutrition coach, gym owner and teaching the next generation at local University. 


With each of my clients, I have talked about the importance of walking the journey of health with consistency, passion, and enthusiasm for life.

Every day is a gift as I find new and unique ways to educate, coach, and guide my clients towards looking, feeling, and living better! 


I would love to help. 

Let's Inspire the World Together

My Vision

I believe fitness is more than losing a few inches, looking good for a selfie or even maintaining superior health. I believe we were created for more. 

RipGen is on a mission to help you...


Discover your Power

Find your Passion

Live your Purpose

To generate a ripple effect felt for generations. (RipGen)

You have been chosen.

You are meant to affect change.

You are enough. 

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